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Monday, April 26, 2010

Giveaway! For your chance to win, Leave a comment and the size you need.

I have decided to giveaway 1 little girls dress and 1 pair of little boys lounge pants.  For your chance to win one -
Just leave a comment on my blog and the size you will need for your little girl or little boy.  Sizes available from NB -3.
This giveaway lasts until midnight Friday 30 April.  I will let you know who won on Saturday 1 May!  Good luck to all.


Mrs Smiley's Lockets said...

Oh I love a good giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, this dress would look gorgeous on my sweet Miss Ruby (size 3). Thanks!

Toni Curtis Photography said...

I would love to leave a comment for your work....as previously noted This dress is just gorgeous and my wee daughter Keira looks unreal in lettle dresses now she is walking. Size 1-2


Firenze Mom said...

I'll post a comment. They are so lovely. I love the dress and the boys clothing. It is so nice to see some homemade clothes instead of made in China, that is done by machine and does not last. My mom used to make my clothes when I was little and it lasts forever. Great clothes wish you did them in older kids sizes. But since I know of a few pregnant moms. I will go with NB

Terri said...

Love the boys pants! My kids are too big for these, but a friend of our just had a little boy on the 25th. I'd love to add some NB pants to our gift for him.

Kellie Christie said...

Sweet giveaway Maleena!! I was just checking out your boys pants, they are so funky!! Size 2 would be perfect for Noah.

GemmaJoy said...

What a fantastic giveaway. I wish I was a kid so I could wear such cute things.

lisa walton said...

Myffy would love a Maleena dress, she told me...hehehe.. the smallest size you have and she will grow into it..your doing so well with your business congratulations xxx

Jonathan and Gemma said...

My other half has been eyeing off your great kids clothes, great business. She reckons our bub girl Xanthe would look great in one of ur creations. Size 1 dress.

Stacey Johnson said...

Sounds like your business is doing well so thats great. Well done. I love the little dresses - they are so girly and pretty and unique fabric that you don't see in the shops. Chelsea would be a size 2 - 3.

Karen Hansen said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous - both of them boys and girls - you are doing so well - and congratulations - you are obvisouly working very hard to make this happen - well done - my two are to old for your clothes - Jake is 6 and Madi 5 but my niece has just turned one and my sister loves homemade clothes they are such a great look on the cute littlies just learning to walk - well done Maleena Congratulations

voicephotography said...

As a professional photographer, if I win I will take some great shots of my daughter (size 3) for you to use on your blog!! Then we both win :)

Leesa Lynn said...

I would love to own anything you make :) (girl - 1 boy - 2)

oli-ex said...

I love your dresses, I think they're pretty,
So I asked my mummy to write you a ditty!
So beautifully your dresses flow,
I'd look gorgeous from head to toe!
I'd wear them everywhere I went,
And tell my friends they're heaven scent!

Alexis (size 3)

violet said...

nice.... post