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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bedroom Decor

Yesterday I ventured out to a fabric shop looking for something to inspire me and some screenprinting ink.
I did not find the ink but I did however find some great fabric for bedroom decor.  
I ended up getting samples of fabric that have a real English cottage garden feel to them and would also look great in a French inspired home with lots of white.  It is mainly floral and stripes in duck egg blue which is just a gorgeous colour in itself.
Here are some samples of the fabric and how I am going to use them:
The striped pattern I am using for the bedhead with the stripes vertical also the stripes will be used for curtain tiebacks and a throw for the foot of the bed.
The large rose pattern is for a large canvass and cushion covers.
The small rose pattern I will use for cushion covers and smaller accessories.
I can just imagine the bedroom now, with white furniture and gorgeous floral and striped pieces.  This room definitely needs a pretty crystal chandelier and floor lamp and some stunning vintage furniture.

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